Crypto Legit Privacy Policy Crypto Legit Privacy Policy

Crypto Legit Privacy Policy

Crypto Legit Privacy Policy

  1. The information our Cryptocurrency user provide to us we keep them provide. We collect this information in various ways. The information you provide us directly like receive Cryptocurrency from us, send an email to us, post any comment, payment method and transaction terms, registration details, public Cryptocurrency address, and communicate with us in any way. This information we gather and keep it private.
  • Information We Collect Through Your Use of Our Services:
  1. We also collect information via cookies. These are the files that save in your device or browser by websites, advertisement and apps. These cookies may be of various different kinds and may serve by various sorts of entities. Sometime website allows cookies of third party including Google analytics or Google ads applied on that particular website.


  1. Cookies can be the best source to collect preference and usage information about users. We use these small text files (cookies) to know language, device and location information of users. But this personal information of our general users is not used by us. These small text files may gather specific preferences of users when they visit the website.


  1. We also support our activity with the help of 3rd party ads on website. Sometimes these ads use technologies like web beacons, cookies and various other technologies when they place ads on our website. We may use information by Google AdSense program of Google. These ads help us gather information like ISP, IP address, browser of the users who use our website.


  1. DART cookies are also used by us for advertisement serving via Google’s Double Click. It may place small text files to your browser in the form of a cookie on your device that you use to browse the web and visit any site using Google’s DoubleClick ads. These ads may be interest based targeting ads. This cookie can be used to serve ads specific to user and their interests. Interest based targeting ads are based on previous browsing history of users. Non personally identifiable information is used by DART.  This is a reliable way that never tracks your private or personal information like credit card number, bank account number, social security number, telephone number, physical address, email address, name and much more.


  1. You can select turn off our cookies or disable it. You can also disable 3rd party cookies in by doing some changes in your browser settings. You can also do in by managing some programs like Norton internet security. It may affect you interact with websites you visit including our website. It may include the inability to login to programs or services.


  1. You cannot opt out of any ad program by just deleting cookies. A new cookie can add to your browser when you visit the site running these ads.


  • Information We Collect From Other Sources


  1. There are various other sources that help us get information of our visitors. We combine all the information if you comment on our site using your facebook or any social media channel. We can also get all information about your connections as well from your social media channels.


  1. When people register themselves to services via our mailing list or website, we collect all information about them using 3rd party supplies. We get information such as email address, relative location, IP address and much more.


  • Use of Information:


  1. We collect as much information about you as we can and use it. We use this information to send you communications. Those people who we find interested in our services we try to connect with them. People may be interested in our news, promotions, services, products, company events and much more. We also use the information for content, advertisement, referrals, social connections, recommended features and much more.  We can transfer the collected information to European, USA and Israel country.  We process and store these information for lots of reasons.


  • Sharing of Collected Information:


  1. We can share the collected information about the people. But we never trade, sale or transfer 3rd parties your personal information that we have. Even we don’t sell your information to reliable 3rd parties who help us in operating our business or website. We can share information with them when they agree to keep it confidential.


  1. We release your confidential data to comply with the law and protect our rights. However non-personal information of our visitors can be provided to 3rd parties for advertising, marketing and various other uses.


  1. We can share your personal information to 3d parties to offer you a service you requested via websites like Cryptocurrency purchase. We can also share your information if submit content in blog comments, public forums and much more similar locations. We may also share your information on our behalf with related companies of sorts that conduct data processing and offer services on our behalf.


  1. You personal information can be shared with marketing partners, consultants, vendors and various other service providers who require access to this information. We can also share your information with government authorities, law enforcement officials, and various other 3rd


  1. We may change our policy from time to time. We can make significant changes and you will be notified about the changes via blog of our website. You can connect with us via mail, if you have any query about our privacy policy. We retain the right to share your information that is related to you or pertains to you with trusted or appropriate 3rd parties in specific circumstances.


  1. We can share you information with 3rd parties if you provide erroneous or wrongful information during registration. We can also do this, if we find you engaged in activities that may be harmful to us. If you use our website for illegal use, then we can share your information to appropriate parties that may include government authorities.


You must read our privacy policy in order to know all about how we use your data.

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