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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the leading digital currency of the world. People are learning a lot about it and they want to know more about it.  If you are a beginners and looking to use it, you have to know lots of things about it. Here in this guide, we have mentioned all the important things that you should know all about Bitcoin, its uses, storage and much more.

Bitcoin has become very popular in digital world and I must define it as a decentralized digital currency. Bitcoin is an amazing concept as it does not belong to any central bank and does not controlled by any government.

Some people use it for lots of purposes while others are not aware of it. This can also be defined as internet of money. Bitcoin works like files sharing programs.

You can start using it with the help of a program and app named Bitcoin wallet.  It helps send/receive Bitcoin and help keep track of Bitcoin balance. This wallet has lots of amazing features that helps keep history of your Bitcoin transactions. You can find lots of different wallets across various platforms and they all share some basic functionality.

These wallets may vary in some features and you have to learn a lot about them. You should be well aware about how to choose a Bitcoin wallet before downloading and installing it for your device.

It was invented in 2008 and now it has achieved a market cap of 40 million dollars. It means millions of people from all around the world using Bitcoin as a store of vehicle, investment, wealth and an actual currency of exchange.  It was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin protocol is maintained by developers all around the world.

They help upgrade and update the open source. This is a digital currency and not controlled by any authority. It permits its users to spend money anonymously.  You can sell and buy Bitcoin on exchange of other currencies or US dollars.

It has become so popular for so many reasons. This is generally a lines of computer code that are signed digitally when Bitcoin travel from one user to another or one owner to next owner. You can make transactions anonymously that is the main reason of popularity of Bitcoin. This is famous among criminals, speculators, tech enthusiasts and various other people.

Some people might be wondering if these transactions are really anonymous. Yes, they are.  Accounts and transactions can be traced but the owners of accounts are not known. Investigators can track down the owners when Bitcoin is converted to regular currency.

Some businesses have started using Bitcoin to make payment. There are lots of sites that accept payment in Bitcoin.  Nowadays these transactions have become so popular and 300,000 transactions occur daily. Well Bitcoin is less popular than cards and cash as some businesses and individuals don’t accept Bitcoin.



Where do I store my Bitcoins?

You have to stores in a Bitcoin wallet. This is same as you use email software in order to organize and manage your mails. This can be Gmail or Microsoft outlook.  You just require a Bitcoin wallet to organize Bitcoin.  This wallet can be helpful in storing, receiving and sending Bitcoin.

This wallet may be available in lots of forms including hardware wallets, web wallets, desktop wallets, mobile wallets and much more

You have to install a Bitcoin wallet first, so it is up to you where you install it. If you install it to your mobile phone, you have to manage your Bitcoin in mobile phone wallet.  If you don’t have Bitcoin wallet yet, you have to install it wherever you want. It may be your desktop, hardware or mobile.

Bitcoin wallet is software that you have to download and install. You can send, receive and store Bitcoin in wallet.


What can you do with Bitcoins?

Those people who are not aware of Bitcoin they must be wondering how to use it. Nowadays it is very easy to use them and they are available for lots of uses.  If you are a beginner, you can start using it. In beginning, you can use it to shop online at popular sites such as Dell, Microsoft, Overstock, Expedia and much more.

Many businesses are using Bitcoin as payment mode. This can be the best alternative to the current banking systems. You can have full control over your money without the help of any bank.


Bitcoin can really make lots of thing easy for the Bitcoin owners. You can send real money quickly to any corner of world. This can also be used to buy lots of things from online retailers. There are lots of Bitcoin games are available on betting sites.  You can play these games with actual Bitcoin.

It is really easy to buy Bitcoin. You can use your credit card to buy it or you can use your bank out to purchase these Bitcoin online.



Can I buy less than one Bitcoin?

The worth of one Bitcoin is almost equal to three thousand dollars but it can be further divided up to eight decimal points. You can buy 0.00000001, 0.02 and 0.5 Bitcoin.

Yes, this is possible to buy less than one Bitcoin as each Bitcoin can be divided or split into ten crore pieces. A Satoshi is considered as each unit of Bitcoin (0.00000001 Bitcoin). You can buy that you want.

You need not to buy one Bitcoin you are allowed to buy less than 1. You can know the amount of flat curacy you need to spend or exchange. You can know the real value with the help of Bitcoin exchanges.

There are lots of Bitcoin brokers who can help you out in knowing the real value of currency and amount of Bitcoin. Sometimes you have to pay some charges on exchanging and selling a Bitcoin, so better know all about the actual value of your Bitcoin. This is all about this popular digital currency. Hope you find the post informative.




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