About Crypto Legit A Short Intro About cryptolegit & JENY

About Crypto Legit

A Short Intro About cryptolegit & JENY

Hi Friends Am JENY from London, Am 33 year old now. My aim to provide you authentic information regarding cryptocurrency. My website dedicate for newbies, who want to know about what is cryptocurrency? How to buy cryptocurrency? How to store cryptocurrency in wallet? Which wallets are genuine for particular cryptocurrency? What are cryptocurrency exchanges? & how to make money or profit using cryptocurrency?

I want to provide you beginner to expert guide about cryptocurrency, just subscribe my website from homepage to get free learning tutorials. Don’t worry I hate to spam; I will send you one email on daily basis regarding to latest cryptocurrency news & tutorials.

I know I am nothing without your help, each and every movement I need your help and prayer to grow this platform up. I have lot of work as my job, my husband, my Childs & house work but believe on me I will provide you more time as I got.

Every visitor who visit this website and got benefit from this platform, please share it with your friends & family so they also get benefits from here. Each visitor on this website is my friend & any time you can ask any related question to me via ask question section on homepage.

Friends I want grow my team so people get verity of topic on daily basis, this will make more popular this platform. I will publish your photos on About Us section if you want join me. Just send me about you and your attractive photo; I really want your help to get verity of article from your side.

Please send your guest post to me, if your article follows guidelines & related to cryptocurrency subject I will sure published on website. Please read below guest post guidelines.

 Guest Post Guidelines

  1. Article should be on Cryptocurrency Topic.
  2. Article should be natural not copy/rewrite/spin
  3. Minimum word count is 500
  4. Use short paragraphs – maximum of 150 words.
  5. Use short sentences – max sentence length 20 words(Average twelve words).
  6. Skip unnecessary words.
  7. Avoid jargon and gobbledygook.
  8. Avoid the passive tense.
  9. Avoid needless repetition.
  10. Address your web visitors directly. Use the word you.
  11. Shorten your text.
  12. Content must be 100% unique, Content Plagiarism Not Allowed.
  13. Keyword density must be 1-3%.
  14. Article must be Proofreading.
  15. Recommended a transition word or phrase is 30%.
  16. Try to avoid use of stop words in article.

Friends I have lot of things about me that I want to discuss with you, just ask to me anything & I will reply you. Hope we together will make a better and genuine cryptocurrency world.

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